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“R&F Commercial Debt and Equity Welcomes John A. Rubino as Director of Business Development.”


01 March, 2017 – R&F Commercial Debt and Equity LLC (R&F) recently named John A. Rubino as their Director of Business Development.  Mr. Rubino just completed a 20 year career as a Naval Aviator and Officer stationed at the Pentagon.  In addition to his career as a Navy Pilot, Mr. Rubino has significant experience and success as real estate investor & consultant.  Mr. Rubio is a native of Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in Burke, VA with his wife and four children.

In April 2013, Mr. Rubino founded & currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of JID Investments, LLC (JIDI), a limited liability company seeking to secure high yield investment returns with medium risk by providing debt & equity capital to individuals & businesses with viable real estate, business and/or investment opportunities. In his role at JIDI, Mr. Rubino manages an active debt & equity investment portfolio consisting of residential single family & mix residential/retail condominium conversion/development projects in DC, MD, VA, NC and SC.

Mr. Rubino will continue to manage JIDI together with executing the Business Development responsibilities at R&F.  John’s insight & expertise gained while working at JIDI will provide R&F several opportunities to expand and grow inside both the debt & equity investment markets.

In his role as Director of Business Development, Mr. Rubino will oversee the future growth in investment and financial opportunities for R&F as well as grow and develop the pipeline of new business for the Company.  This includes investor and client relations; generating new project leads; project acquisition and development; marketing and advertisement; website and social media design; financial and revenue analysis, and securing investment sources for project funding.

“R&F Commercial Debt and Equity Secures Acquisition of 430 Keyon Street Washington DC, NW for the conversion of Single-Family Row House to two Condominium Units."

March 2017 – R&F Commercial Debt and Equity LLC (R&F) recently purchased a single-family row house in the Parkview neighborhood of Washington, DC NW which is planned for a condominium conversion to two units. 


A solidly residential community, Park View is a quiet corner of the city, one in which the trend toward gentrification has only recently found a foothold. Its one commercial corridor, Georgia Avenue, has found increasing interest and has attracted other goods and services to the area. The revitalization of the corridor began with the E.L. Haynes Public Charter School (3600 Georgia), founded in 2004, and Temperance Hall (3634 Georgia, now the Looking Glass Lounge) in 2006. Since then, a number of new restaurants and taverns have opened and, along with decades old businesses, continue the commercial revitalization of the community.

R&F is currently in the architectural design stage of the project and will quickly turn around to focus on permitting, construction, and sales.  This is a joint venture investment opportunity slated to complete spring of 2018.

Current pictures of the property are shown below.

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